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Open up to the
unlimited broadcast and healing system within Nature, by which God speaks to us, through the Elder Trees, Mountains, Seas 
and Heavenly Breeze ...

About Us

At Wisdom In Nature Alliance (WINA), we believe that Nature is a Divine Source of Wisdom. We are dedicated to support the Healing and Spiritual growth of the Self.  

We draw upon the Intelligence of Nature, combining the power of prayer, positive intention, and indigenous teachings, to assist in creating a deeper sense of purpose, and to develop a deeper connection to Nature, and all it has to offer us.

WINA embraces a diverse global community of like-minded individuals that seek spiritual growth and cultural enrichment. We are advocates for the preservation of the Amazon rain forest and we work in partnership with our indigenous brothers and sisters to assist in maintaining their culture, traditions and religious practices.

Life In Balance

Imagine Mother Nature at its best, the ultimate location for people seeking to restore balance in their lives.

Through the "Schumann Resonance" it has been proven that the vibrations of the Earth and Nature constantly emanates beneficial healing energy.


When we tune into this Intelligent Vibration either by being out in Nature, or through meditation, prayer, or yoga, we balance the electromagnetic charge within the cells of our body. Creating and maintaining good health,  well being, and more.


We invite you to join us for our drum, strum, and chant service, creating healing vibrations for all creation.

We look forward to connecting with you.


Donate to the Wisdom In Nature Alliance. We appreciate all of your support in our mindful service and growth to better serve our communities, humanity and our planet as a whole.

Your heartfelt tax deductible donations are accepted with immense gratitude at the link below.

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Our Open Heart


Join us for our drum and chant service, sound healing gatherings. Collectively creating healing vibrations, bringing restoration within the Central Station of Our Heart.

Please visit our CONTACT link to be added to our email list, to register for an upcoming event or to book a private service. 

Mother Earth

The Church of WINA is a non-denominational Spiritually based practice: we embrace principles of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Judeo Christianity, Druidism, Pantheism and cultures from around the world that honor and revere Nature as teacher, healer, guide, and primary instrument in the evolution of the Self.

The Literature of WINA is drawn from Mother Earth and the writings of religions, poets, philosophers, myths, anicent scrolls, and indigenous practices of the Americas.

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