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Manifesting A Life In Balance

At WINA we believe that the spiritual path is a way of life. How we treat one another, how we treat the living earth. How we utilize our body and our mind. What we intake through our eyes, ears, skin, and mouth. To be conscious and aware of the thoughts and words that we express are all part of the spiritual way of life. To be conscious and aware that our actions and contributions effect the whole, starting with one self.


For as the elders say, we are constanly sowing seeds with our thoughts, words, deeds, and intentions. They are seeds that we sow on fertile soil of each day. They are the seeds the we sow within the fields of our heart. These seeds germinate, sprout, and grow, and create the circumstances within our lives.

Before modern day hospitals came into exsistance, native cultures of North and South America utilized natural herbs, flowers, plants, medicines of mother nature, as well as the power of prayer. Through their religous practices and traditions they were able to attune to their inner self, and to the intelligence of the nature world. These ancient traditions are sacred and important because they help us to lead a better life.

We have a wondeful team that upholds a strong focus on preseving indigenous traditions as well as a team specializing in many modalities in the healing arts; such as reiki, massage, yoga, sound healing, herbalism, spiritual cleansings (Limpias) and more. 

What is a Limpia?

A Limpia is a spiritual cleansing and blessing, reconfigurating the energy field of an indiviual or group of people which promotes well being, through the use of prayer, and or herbs, and incense.


Please visit our CONTACT link if you wish to be added to our email list, confirm your attendance to a group event, schedule a private session, or simply have questions.  We look forward to connecting with you.  


Love and Blessings

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