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HeartMath Institute

We know trees have benefited our planet in a variety of ways for millions of years. Researchers at HeartMath Institute believe there is still much to be learned, so they have been gathering data about trees in conjunction with HMI’s Tree Research Project. Interconnectivity: Tree Research Project

HeartMath’s scientists have focused especially on oak and redwood trees as they seek answers to a number of questions. For instance, given our close relationship to trees through the millennia, can electrical responses in multiple trees correlate to events that trigger huge emotional outpouring in large numbers of people?

What We Know

•Oak and redwood trees in different locations at HMI’s California campus and research center have different overall electrical voltage patterns.

•Trees, like humans, have a circadian or day-night rhythm.

•Trees can elicit positive feeling states in humans.

•Trees provide Earth with oxygen, and they clean our air.

Scientists Will Explore

•How people and trees are energetically connected.

•How trees are affected by human emotions.

•How people are uplifted while in the biofields of trees.

•How trees can inform us about approaching earthquakes.

Here's the link to Heart Math Institute:

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