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Imagine A World Where Unexpected Acts of Tenderness and Kindness Became the Expected.. Yes Always Appreciated and Lovingly Reciprocated .. A World Where Peoples Of the Earth Cultivate Gardens, Use Foods As Their Medicine, From the Garden To the Table, and Themselves Lived Fertile Lives Of Peace and Joy .. A World Of Spirit Jewel (Spiritual) Advancement In Tune With the Sun and Moon, In Communion With the Intelligence Of Mama Nature, and the Rays Of the Sun Encoding Us, with Heavenly Wisdom .. Imagine a World with No Weapons, No Fears, No War, Blessed Be the Conquering Lion Roar!! Everyone Healthy, Relaxed, Chillin' Under the Shade Of the Elder Trees At Peace and At Ease, In Joying the Heavenly Breeze .. Imagine A World Of No Envy, No Competition, No Lack Of Food A World Of Unity Consciousness In Cooperation Working Together For the Betterment Of All!! A World Where Friends Rejoice In the Successes Of Their Friends Every Belly Filled With Nourishment and Joy.. Imagine A World Where Humankind Lives In Peace Love and Harmony .. Not Only With One Another But With All Of Creation!! Yea!! All Of Creation In Celebration!! As Mama Ocean Sings In Gladness In the Song Of the Waves Dancing With the Shores .. Trees Sing Of Joy To the Musical Accompaniment, Of the Wind Blowing, Sun and Moon Glowing Through Dancing Branches and Leaves Birds Bees and Insects Chanting In Joyous Rhythm Transcendental Tones, Resonating Healing Vibes Deep In Our Bones.. Truly All Of Nature Dancing To the Drumbeat of the Heart Of Joy and Peace Beating As One..

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