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Possibilities Of Infinity...

Our Spirit Is An Ocean In Constant Motion, We Arrive With The Tides, As A Silent Commotion, It Is The Voice That We Hear Without Our Physical Ears, The Intuition In Position Keeping Us Aware Of What Nears, The Descriptions Without Words, Explain All Of Our Wonders, The Body Is No Boundary, Left To Right, Above And Under, There Is A Dawning Of Recognition, Of All That Is Alive, We Are The Infinite Depths Of The Universal Mind, Passion Is A Fire Sparked By The Ember Of Free Will, Even Though Our Body Moves, Our Spirit Remains Still, It Is The Voice Without A Mouth And Sight Without Eyes, More Expansive Than The Sky, No Ears To Hear, But It Speaks At All Times, The Possibilities Of Infinity, Are For Us To Make True, For We Aren't Walked To What We Can't Walk Through, So Step With Grace, And Move With Assurance, For We Are The Creators Of Place, and Controllers Of Occurrence, We Are The Pulsation Of Life, The True Tempo Of Time, Evolving With Each Breath, Is The Temple Of The Mind....

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