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About Us

We acknowledge that we are not separate from Nature, but rather that we are Nature.  We believe that Nature is Spirit and that through a deeper, more conscious connection with Nature, we can open up to our own true Spiritual being and that we too can live as Spirit.  Our mission is fulfilled by helping members to deepen their own spiritual awareness by sharing the Wisdom of Nature and by helping members to attune to the healing vibrations; physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally.

Denzal Santana

Denzal is pursuing his purpose in life with great passion and humility to assist humanity. An ordained minister and healing practitioner certified in various alternative modalities. Additionally, he has developed lifetime relationships with the broader healing community in the United States, as well as native Elders and communities in the Peruvian Amazon. 

Denzal continues preserving and maintaining sacred traditions, and religious practices of the Peruvian Amazon region. He has served as translator, student, herbal and ceremonial practitioner, teacher and leader. Denzal has led retreats in the Peruvian Amazon for people from all over the world for over 25 years until the present time. Musician and sound healer, Native to California of Mexican descent, he has self published a poetry book titled "Word-Sound and Prayers" as well as produced 3 music CD's with Cruuz Santana.

This natural evolution has actualized the founding of WINA, with Denzal Santana serving as founder and president.

Cruuz Santana

Sound healer, musician, herbal and ceremonial practicioner and guide, has participated in various indigenous ceremonies of North and South America for over 15 years. He has co-produced 3 music CD's with Denzal Santana.

Here are his Spotify and Youtube links:

While still a music student, Cruuz is an active guitar teacher, song writer, music producer and director who shares the same vision and passion for Wisdom In Nature Alliance (WINA) serving as co-founder and coordinator of events.

This organic partnership stems from the family tree of two generations of healers, as the heads of WINA.

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Wisdom in Nature Alliance

The Doctrine for our non-denominational Church is to Honor Humanity, Honor Nature, Focus on Healing, Learning, Growth of the Self, and Let Nature Be Your Guide.

WINA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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